Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hillary, Nancy and all the rest

I received an emailed letter from Hillary, thanking me for my support. I didn't send any money and I haven't done any campaigning, but I did once write about her here. I submitted that post to Hillary's site as they were asking for blog entries. It didn't get posted, probably because it wasn't a ringing endorsement. However it did get me on her email list and I've received a lot of interesting email from the likes of Geraldine Ferraro, Madeline Albright, Jim Carville, Tom Vilsack and of course Bill Clinton.

I am ambivalent about Ms Clinton, as I am about all the candidates. This week's announcements of campaign fund-raising totals for the first quarter sickened me. All those millions to gallop around the country, burning up fossil fuel and wasting paper and taking up commercial time on television! It is no surprise, I must admit, that electioneering in this country is as wasteful and excessive as its citizens.

Another politician burning up jet fuel this week is Nancy Pelosi -- but I'm not upset by her actions. In fact, I rather wish she were running instead of Hillary. Pelosi cuts to the chase and is action oriented. I suppose I may eventually be deeply disappointed by her, as one is by all politicians eventually, but for now I'm liking that she is going to Syria to do something the Bush regime will never do: talk, listen, try to find openings for peaceful solutions.

Hillary wants us to sign a petition to Mr Bush asking him not to veto the current bill that would tie a pull out to spending:

Sign the Petition
Dear Village,

Thank you for your tremendous support over the past weeks. Saturday's deadline marked the end of the first phase of the campaign, and you made sure it was an unqualified success.

Two months ago, I said I was in it to win it, and the conversations we've been having online and around the country have convinced me more than ever that I've made the right decision. This country needs change, and it's going to take experienced leadership to make that change happen. Together, we can accomplish great things.

We can end the war in Iraq. We can achieve universal health care coverage. We can commit to energy independence. We can restore America's rightful place on the world stage.

Working together, we'll get our country back on track. It's going to be a long journey with a lot of hard work, but I can't think of anything more important.

So let's get back to work. I need your help right now on an important issue.

Last week we passed historic legislation in the Senate that calls for a phased redeployment for our troops in Iraq while ensuring they have the support they need. It's an important first step in ending the war in Iraq. But President Bush has threatened to veto the bill.

The American people have had enough of the president's failed strategy in Iraq. Join me today. Tell President Bush to listen to the will of the people and withdraw his veto threat.


Again, thank you so much for the tremendous support you have shown during this campaign. You've exceeded everyone's expectations, and I know I couldn't do this without you.


Do you think it will do any good?

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