Monday, April 23, 2007

The Decider will keep Gonzales

Funny how that works. The Decider has the final word, kind of like a king back when the king's word ruled over all. Gonzales gave a stellar performance before the judiciary committee --not recalling answers to questions over 70 times.

The American form of government doesn't seem so incredibly wonderful these days. I'd much rather have a parliamentary system in which the ruling brand of government can be brought down by a "lack of confidence" and replaced by a different flavor.

Instead, we must wait until 2008 until the Shrub and his minions can be sent packing. Meanwhile, the globe keeps heating up and the US forces must blast Iraq to bits whether they know it is the right thing to do or not. That's a lot of carbon released into the air over Baghdad and surrounding provinces. Not to mention all the lives and limbs lost, communities shattered beyond repair, and billions ending up in Halliburton's off shore accounts.

I wish I had some brilliant solution other than my usual response -- send for the men with the straight jacket. But instead, we will watch the political maneuvering as parties play the avoiding the blame game. I'd like to see the Democrats stand up for what is right instead of caving. Let the president keep vetoing and vetoing. At least he is then on the record and will bear the blame as long as there are humans around who pay attention to history.

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microdot said...

There was a piece on ThinkProgress today that detailed Gonzalez's career as presidential legal counsel and how he was unqualified even at incompetent little nasty fellow to be avoided at all costs by his collegues.
I totally sympathize with your feelings about the state of America.
It's hopeless, a few good men powerless to stand in front of the gutless tide.
Flawed as it is, this week in French politics has been electrifying and it's getting headier. We've seen the destruction of the Front National as a force for evil and in spite of all of Sarkozys nasty tricks, Segolene Royal is probably going to pull off the coup of the century! I just watched her take questions from a panel of reporters for an hour and a half live on TV and she was flawless like a diamond!