Saturday, April 21, 2007

Highland Theatre update

Busy weekend here at the Village Green. However, I did want to pass this along. We've been hearing some hopeful news concerning the fate of the Highland Theatre. Eric Mansfield reported on his blog that a buyer has been found for the theatre. Yesterday, this came through NEOhioPAL:
"We're having another fund-raiser next Saturday the 28th at the VFW across from Angel Falls at 7.00p. There is a requested donation of $25.00, but any donation will be gratefully accepted! Even if you can't give cash, time is a valuable asset to donate. We can use volunteers also! We're also looking for people to share their memories of the Highland Theater. If you know any seniors, or your parents and grandparents who attended this theater long ago, we'd really like to hear their stories. So please, come and have a glass of wine and a few hors d'oeurves and learn more about what's going on with this landmark next weekend! I know it’s last minute, but we really need your help. I really hope to see you!!"
Haven't heard a thing about the Civic Theatre. If anyone knows anything, please share it with us!

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