Monday, April 02, 2007

Save the seals

Once again, greed wins out over the environment and common sense. The annual bloodbath in Canada began today, according to the Humane Society. This year, however, 90% of the baby seal population is reported to have already met an untimely death, due to global warming. The ice broke up too early before the baby seals were able to swim. Now just a few are left to face the commercial club-wielding "harvesters." Humans seem to care nothing about driving other species into extinction. We'd better have a care before we do the same to ourselves.

These seals are killed for fashion items, and no other reason. It is an outrage and I just sent the Humane Society a donation for the cause. You can too by clicking here.

Many years ago, the singer Donovan put out an album called HMS Donovan with a song called "Celia of the Seals." It is going round and round in my head as I read of the continuing plight of these lovely creatures who harm nothing and who threaten no one.

Seal hunters are not brave and bold,
They murder her poor wee seals
And cut off their skins to be sold,
Cursed be he who deals.
There's no reason for this slaughtering,
They're left on the rocks to bleed
He's not a man who does this thing,
It's a cruel and a heartless deed,
A cruel and a-heartless deed.

Celia of the seals,
She knows just how they feel,
Celia of the seals.
You can get a sample listen here and full lyrics are posted here.

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