Saturday, April 28, 2007

Living green sound barriers

As the highway work goes ever onward here and across our state, we find ourselves subjected to more and more expanses of concrete sound barriers lining the freeways. These ugly walls are expensive, block views, and can interfere with proper drainage unless carefully designed. They also require a lot of expensive upkeep.

Google "sound barrier" and you'll find dozens of companies marketing these expensive gargantuan walls. Go to this site, and you'll find a much more practical and definitely greener solution: The Living Wall. Instead of concrete: earth, wood and live willows form a sound barrier that is ecologically sound and sustainable as well. This Canadian company will build walls to anybody's specifications, but also include a downloadable instruction booklet in case you want to build your own living wall around your property.

Now, if only we could drive ecologically sound vehicles that run on non-emitting fuel sources that are just as sustainable and good for us as the willow walls.

Image above is one of many from the Living Wall web site.

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