Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where did the day go?

It is now Wednesday and so I've missed a posting day somewhere in the past 24 hours.

We woke up to a thin coating of snow in Akron, and not a salt truck to be seen anywhere. Between my house and work (less than a mile), I saw three crashed cars. It was a grand day for body shop business in our town.

I live in a very hilly district -- kind of like San Francisco, but not nearly as nice! Since none of the streets had been salted by 8 AM, there were cars spun out up and down the hilly streets of Kenmore. One intrepid driver was determined to get down to the bottom of a particularly steep hill, so he had the nose of his car stuck up against the curb and rode it down until arriving at the traffic light.

So why did the salt truck workers sleep in today? Maybe my local paper will inform me today. Fortunately, the weekend ahead looks clear. I will be out of town Friday and Saturday and hoping for good driving weather.


microdot said...

Yes, where did that day go? With me it was dog vacination, central heating malfunction, garage I promised I would cook dinner for my wife...
In spite of it all, we are celebrating the new holiday period of ZAPPADAN! Dec 4 to Dec 21!
Come over and help if you feel like it!

Village Green said...

Happy Zappadan to you too! I would love to visit France one day. I have some relatives there, but most of them are in England. Last time I was abroad was to attend a Kink Konvention north of London.