Monday, December 04, 2006

An Invitation from Sherrod Brown

At left, a photo of Sherrod Brown and Harry Reid taken in front of the Science Center last summer. They were promoting the idea of developing new businesses in Ohio focused on renewable energy processes and sources. This was my first Sherrod Brown event! I've been going through Sherrod Brown event withdrawal since the election!

Fortunately, I received this via email today:

Dear Friends,

Please plan to join Connie, our family and me in Washington, D.C. as I am sworn in as Ohio’s junior senator on Thursday, January 4th. As has been my tradition for many years, I invite my friends and supporters to join me in our nation’s capitol for a pre-swearing in dinner on January 3rd.

For those interested, buses will depart from several locations across Ohio. Group accommodations have been reserved at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, D.C. Following dinner, tours of Washington’s monuments will be offered. The next morning, buses will be available to take you and your family to visit sites around the city, returning by noon to view the swearing in by television. After a lunch, the buses will return to Ohio.

We hope you will plan to join us for this celebratory event. Thank you for your support throughout the campaign and I look forward to seeing you in Washington!


Sherrod Brown

Since I have absolutley nothing on my calendar for January 3 & 4, and since I've never experienced access to the halls of power before, I've decided to attend this event. I'm thinking that I should advocate for More Drama in the Classroom. It's the road to creative thinking and positive collaboration! And boy will our leaders of the future need lots of both skills.

Go here to read a very nice letter from Sherrod to his congressional constituents.

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