Friday, December 15, 2006

The People Have Spoken But The Decider Won't Listen

The Bible-thumpers want to slap you with it but never apply it to their own backsides. A case in point:

Iraq. As in thou shalt not kill. Instead, send over 25,000 more troops to ...? What will they do over there -- lead us to victory or more flag-draped coffins? The Decider has put off his decision until after the holiday glow has receded into 2007. It will be interesting to see this drama play itself out. Some 70% don't want to play Follow the Leader any more. Will the Decider grow unhinged to the point of total scariness? Will his minders step in and prevent him from creating even more harm?

Meanwhile, have you taken a good look at the number of huge military bases the US has built in Iraq? Who will slip into those armed castles once the US finally redeploys? Or is the Bush regime stalling so they can disassemble those camps and send what's inside to another country looking for "democracy" Neo-con style. That could take a long time.

If you feel your anti-war resolve fading away as you face all the hoopla of the holidaze ahead, visit Matt Carter's web site and check out the front line videos. Then think once more on the Great Decider who has decided to postpone his decision on Iraq until the new year, even though he has already made his decision.

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microdot said...

The decider is insane! He still fantasizes that there still is a legacy to be rescued! Those bases as well as the worlds largest embassy complex were built to establish an empire that existed only in the mad dreams of these greed crazed petro-ghouls!
They have got to go before they destroy what is left.