Monday, December 25, 2006

Signs of global warming

In the past 24 hours, I've read the following stories:

The growth of holly trees is on the decline.

Brown bears in Spain are no longer hibernating in the winter.

The first inhabited island is now officially under water.

Here by Summit Lake in Akron, Ohio I note that the geese no longer fly south for the winter and that various plants continue to grow in my garden.

Can we even think of saying "Happy" New Year ahead? Perhaps "Get it together in the New Year" might be more appropriate.

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microdot said...

What drives me crazy is people who try to present evidence to contradict global warming. I have seen very professionally prepared graphs of carbon dioxide profiles in the atmosphere related to historic weather records.
This is so much irrelevant crap. Time to stop quibbling and have the courage to act! It's not too late if we start to do something now!
One heartening bit of news, I heard today that the whitehouse is finally going to acknowlege Climate change. It was in a piece on!