Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Joe Finan Dead at 79

I heard this on 1350 Radio Free Ohio on the drive home from work. There's a brief notice on their web page here, which is where I got the picture. They have a gallery of images of Joe broadcasting on his first day. Odd to see a contemporay radio broadcasting booth, as I recall the booth at WCUE-FM back in the good old days of early progressive rock radio in Akron. This new booth looks so sterile and uncluttered.

As for Joe, he only left the air October 26, so that's almost as good as dying with his mic on. There's nothing up at the ABJ yet. While I didn't really care for his show that much, I did listen every day because he was the only local left-wing voice around. I still wish they'd give some air time to someone local, even if it were only a weekend slot or something late at night.

Anyway, sorry to see you go Joe. 79 is pretty young these days.

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