Monday, December 11, 2006

Gangs for God Pray All Over Akron

I didn't know this was going on, because Sunday mornings are not the time of day you'll see me out and about. But according to an article in the Akron Beacon Journal, "countless" Akron church members formed themselves into "gangs for God" in order to pray away crime and drug use. This is all part of a grand scheme as related by reporter Jewell Cardwell:

"The day of prayer is part of 40 days and 40 nights of prayer against violence, drugs and gangs, called ``Love Akron on the Streets.'' The effort is in response to a call from Akron City Council leaders who asked that civic and religious communities become Davids in this battle against Goliath. "

Scores of church people assembled on Kenmore Blvd to pray against crime, according to the article. How effective was this demonstration? The answer can also be found in today's ABJ here and here.

One of my biggest problems with religion aside from the fact that it is bogus, is the overwhelming tendency toward "holier-than-thou" antics such as this. Yeah, sure -- show us how holy and concerned you are by bowing your head in public and muttering to your made up big daddy in the sky -- that's a great way to avoid making any headway against the forces that propel human beings toward lives of addiction and crime.

Looking on the bright side of things -- at least they weren't lining up all over the city in protest of a woman's right to do what she wishes with her own uterus.


microdot said...

On Friday night, we were invited to dinner at our friends house in Thenon. They are an older couple and still can amuse themselves in a very traditional manner. Carmen is a great story teller and tells jokes that are real performance pieces.
Perhaps I should tell you one of Carmens naughty Cure jokes from Friday night. (this is a bad translation)
One day a parishoner came over to the Cures house and was shocked to see that he had no furniture. "How can you live like this?" She exclaimed, "You must be like a saint!"
The cure explained that though he lived simply and gave all his moneyy to the poor, he did have one luxury, his faithful servant Eugenie...he asked the parishoner if she would take some tea and out came Eugenie, a very pretty young girl. "We will have tea, my dear" said the Cure. Eugenie smiled and a few minutes later came out with a tray with a pot of tea and cups.
"Where shall we put the tea and cups?" asked the parishoner...who was shocked when Eugenie got down on all fours and the Cure used her back as a table! "You see, I have no need of furniture, the lord provides" he smiled..
After the tea, the parishoner had to leave and on the way out, she said,"But if you have no furniture, where do you sleep, youu poor man?"
The Cure smiled again and said,"Oh that's no problem, when it is night, I just turn the table over."

KevinBBG said...

If they pray then they can feel virtuous without having to actually do anything about the problem. After all, that might require some effort or *gasp* money. We all know that Jesus said "Pray on the streets all day where everyone can see you but don't give away a dime to those less fortunate."

That was sarcasm, BTW.

Doc said...

Those Christians who advocate public prayer don't know their Jesus very well. If we are to believe anything in the Bible, and I presume most of those public-praying Christians do, Jesus very specifically admonished against it in Matthew 6, verses 5 and 6, calling them hypocrites.