Sunday, December 10, 2006

Prince Charles the Green

He's going greener. No more flights on royal airplanes. Charles is gong commercial flights to reduce his own personal carbon footprint. And he's taking other steps to become more environmentally correct on his various properties and in his several industries. Read about it here.

If he really wants to be effective in greenifying his country, he should dismantle the monarchy, turn over the crown assets to the people of Great Britain, and find something useful to do with his life.

Above is a picture of the "Prince Charles" clematis. Wouldn't you rather look at that than the actual prince?


KevinBBG said...

I don't have much use for the monarchy myself and agree it would be good to dissolve it and free up billions for England, but I bet the majority of the British would go crazy if he tried that. Besides, he's still only the Prince, not king, his mom would have to do it and could you imagine her going that far against tradition?

microdot said...

Both the Bush family and the Pierce family take great pride in their vague family connections to British Royalty. I just mentioned that as an interestting aside...a little more of their justification of their entitlement to reign over us commoners.
Charles is a curious fellow, forever puttering. At least he has nice hobbies.
I would like to have a clematis named after me someday.

Village Green said...

Kev -- of course the current queen is the one who would have to dismantle things immediately, and of course she wouldn't. My response was more of a reflex gag against the very idea of Prince Charles attempting to "greenify" his life. His life and what it stands for are the very antithesis of ecological existence!

And Microdot -- I think you are far more worthy of a clematis named after you than Prince Chuck!