Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trash Disposal in Akron

While some people are not happy with the city's recent switchover to uniform bins for trash and recyclables, others have simply been confused as to how the system works. Last week was "amnesty" trash week, a time to put the residue from spring cleaning out on the curb. But it turns out, people have been hording their trash because they thought the city would only pick up what would fit in their blue bins. An article about this issue appears in today's ABJ here.

For those who aren't in the know about how trash is collected in Akron, visit the city's recycle page. It is clearly stated that large objects can be placed on the curb on any regular trash day, as long as they are three feet away from the trash bin. What can no longer be placed on the curb are bags of trash. Bags of trash can be ripped open by stray animals. The new bins have helped keep unsightly trash from blowing around our neighborhoods.

What I found most interesting in this story is the huge decrease in injuries and time off from the job on the part of sanitation workers. The automated garbage can lifting trucks have meant fewer strained backs and other serious physical problems from a job that means lifting tons of trash every day.

If I were living in another universe, I would want it to be one that paid the people who do the dirtiest jobs the most money. I'm talking about the most undesirable yet absolutely essential to the community's well-being kinds of jobs like sanitation workers and people who have to repair the sewer system.


sab said...

We used to have a raccoon that came up from the creek behind the house and raided all the trash cans (messy little guy, by the way.) He hasn't figured out the trash bins, so now in desperation he's hanging out under the bird feeder. My husband accidentally trees him every morning when he goes out to get the BJ. Unnerving for both of them.

Village Green said...

I have had some thoughts about all the critters that lived on people's trash up until the advent of the cleverly lidded official trash cans. The feral cats can turn to birds and rodents -- but what do raccoons feed upon when the garbage is no longer available?

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