Friday, May 11, 2007

Mike Gravel Needs Your Support

I sent fifty bucks to Mike Gravel's campaign. I want him around and in every debate from now until the primaries are concluded. He speaks truth to power and his National Initiative for Democracy comes pretty close to anarcho-communitarianism. He could use some more money. Please consider supporting him.

Dear Village Green

Permit me to express my heartfelt thanks for your contribution at this critical juncture in my presidential campaign. At this point, we can only field a modest campaign effort and every donation is extremely important. We are making a special effort to get federal matching funds. It will take $5000 from 20 states with no contribution above $250 for qualifying purposes.

As you know, the centerpiece of my candidacy is the National Initiative for Democracy, a legislative proposal to bring American voters into the operations of government as lawmakers--sharing this central power of government in a partnership with elected lawmakers.

The National Initiative will permit American voters to make legislative decisions on policies that affect their lives--issues the Congress seems incapable of resolving. The National Initiative is the only way we can change the "politics as usual" culture in Washington.

Please go to to read about the National Initiative and vote. It will take the same number of votes to enact the National Initiative as it does to elect a president.

Please ask your friends and family to vote for the National Initiative and to support our campaign financially regardless of the amount.


Senator Mike Gravel

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