Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the new millenium, atheism speaks out

Pharyngula, my favorite science blog, has the most amazing five minutes of live television I've ever seen. Christopher Hitchens getting down on Jerry Falwell. Anderson Cooper gives him uninterrupted time and Hitchens delivers. Be sure to check out the comments at the Pharyngula post as well -- there is a debate going on as to whether Fallwell and the other "Chaucerian frauds" actually believed what he preached.

Hitchens is an interesting character. His book on the sins of Mother Theresa is a must-read. He veered left then veered right and is now trying to turn things around with a new book called God is Not Great. I haven't picked it up yet, as I'm not finished with Dawkins' The God Delusion. Wow, I can't believe I've actually reached an era where I can't keep up with all the best selling books on atheism! Sam Harris is so much easier on the ears and eyes than Maddy O'Hair, that's for sure.

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