Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thanks Betty Sutton...

...for voting against Bush's no-strings attached war supplemental last week. You represented my best interests, and I'm extremely grateful for it.

I did call her office before the vote and spoke with a pleasant young man. Unfortunately, I forgot to call the office of Senator Sherrod Brown. Guess I expected that he'd not waver to vote against this insane war. Turns out, he and a whole lot of other Democrats, voted to send Bush his money. Clinton and Obama voted No. They were allowed to because they are running for president. The others faced the reality of yet another Bush veto and caved.

When I first heard this news last Friday, I was running reams of angry tirades through the blogging voice in my brain, but decided to go garden instead. This vote, happening right up against the Memorial Day Weekend, was loaded with irony. Vote to fund the troops so they can stay in Iraq to kill and be injured or killed. Or vote against knowing the troops will say in Iraq to kill and be injured or killed.

After three days of active planting and contemplating, I view the vote in tones of downright cynicism. Bush has the power until somebody can find a legal way to get it out of his hands. Push on, Democrats, with your many investigations into corruption, incompetence and illegalities committed by various members of this administration.


KevinBBG said...

The dems don't want to be accused of not supporting the troops. Ending the funding completely leaves visions of our troops dying of thirst and throwing rocks because they are out of bullets. The fact is no one actually knows what will happen if the funding ends and they are all afraid to find out. Nor do they know what will happen if Congress withdraws their approval for the war, obviously Bush will ignore it, then what?

But they did sneak in a minimum wage increase in this bill and Bush had to sign it.

Village Green said...

Yes, I just found out about that minimum wage increase. That must have been why Sherrod Brown voted for it. Pretty clever to stick that on -- Bush was pretty much forced to not veto it.