Monday, May 14, 2007

Green Car Washes locally?

That's the message I heard tonight on Akron-Canton News with Eric Mansfield. You know how they tease? "Green Car Wash?" Find out after these messages.

Turns out the green car wash involves only one gallon of water, versus the usual 50 gallons per vehicle, as well as non-chemical cleaning solutions made from citrus and washable, recyclable cleaning cloths. Only one problem -- the green car wash was invented by a Frenchman and that's where you would have to go to get one.

And here I thought somebody -- finally -- was getting creative here in Akron and establishing a new business based upon sound ecological principles. Until one actually opens in our area, all you can do is try to emulate the French with your own one gallon bucket and maybe some environmentally friendly Simple Green liquid car wash applied with your own elbow grease. Don't forget to use your own washable recycled fabric rags instead of paper products.

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