Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Call your congress person today!

The House of Representatives will be voting on a new Iraq war funding bill that deletes all calls for time tables and bench marks. And I believe it still includes a load of tacked on items designed to gain the support of specific house members, especially Democrats.

If you are one of the 70% who want the war to end ASAP, then call your representative and tell the person answering the phone how you want your congressperson to vote on this issue. You can easily find the correct phone number for your representative here.

I just called Betty Sutton's office and gave a message to the person answering the phone. He took my name and address and then listened to my comments and said he'd pass them along. I said I wanted Ms Sutton to vote against the new supplemental bill tomorrow. And furthermore, I will no longer give money to any Democrat who continues the war by voting for funding without a time line for departure.

It felt good to do that. I now get requests for money online and in the US mail from a variety of Democrats and their organizations. I will not contribute any more money to the Democrats unless they take a stand. If this means that Mike Gravel is the only candidate to win my hard-earned donation money, then so be it! Howard Dean -- I like your committee and how you have organized it, but you aren't getting anything more from me if the Democrats cave tomorrow.

So don't be shy! Call, write, email and pledge to withhold your campaign contributions. Do it today!

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