Thursday, May 24, 2007

Akron, a not so bad place to live

I was thinking just that earlier in the week, when driving through a long swatch of Cleveland neighborhoods. I was considering writing about why I am glad to be an Akronite. Thursday's Akron Beacon Journal reports that Akron is no longer on the 65 weakest cities list. "Weak" is an odd word to choose. I suppose the strong cities have fortified walls and moats filled with alligators to keep the suburbanites out.

Speaking of the suburbs, try to avoid Manchester Rd going south toward Coventry. Road construction going on past Waterloo making the usually congested Manchester Rd one long hot creep along single lanes north and south. The intersection at Manchester and Waterloo is now programmed so that traffic in each direction gets an equal amount of green light time. Looks like the road work will be there all summer and maybe more.

I drove down that way to get some gas. The Acme on Manchester has gas pumps and if you swipe your Acme card, you get a cent or two off your gas. With the discount, it was 3.369 per gallon. First time I've hit $40 to fill the tank. Usually one tank lasts two weeks, unless I have to go places beyond Akron. I plan on doing a lot of staying at home over summer break. Not going places, working on a couple of writing projects and taking active breaks in the garden. I've got just a little more planting to do this weekend. The herb and salad garden looks fantastic! I will take some photos over the weekend to share.

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