Monday, May 07, 2007

No on Issue 17

Dear Local Politicians,

I've thought about it and tomorrow is the vote. Nope, sorry, not forking over for nebulous promises. There are a couple of things on your list that I'd be willing to support, like programming at the new Community Centers and fixing/rebuilding the sewer overflow system. But most of the tax request is for vague promises to attract new businesses.

Tell me you need money for turning Akron into a greener and healthier place to live and I'll listen to specific plans. But as long as First Energy remains the only energy game in town, I have my doubts that anything positive will be done so that I don't have to live through summer ozone alert days.

I'm fed up with filthy coal and aging nuclear plants as the sources of energy in our city. How about luring in some businesses that will build and install solar panels on our rooftops? What about making use of all the wind energy available here at the "Summit?"

As I drive past various new housing developments in the city and surrounding burbs, I wonder to myself how many of these plastic homes have been built with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind? Would No Impact Man deign to live in such dwellings?

I'd vote instantly for a tax that promised us a real recycling program that deals with all the plastics, not just numbers one and two and that sets a meaningful limit as to what goes into landfills.

Mr Mayor and Council people -- come back to the voters with pragmatic programs and I'll give you a listen. But tomorrow, it's going to be No.


Terra said...

How do these politicians claim "capitalism" all the time when our energy comes from single providers/sources? First Energy for electric, and gas for our cars. We have no choices! Is that capitalism? It's certainly not competition.

Like you, I want solar energy! How can we get it, without taking out a 2nd mortgage? Politicians don't listen to the little people, so the situation seems hopeless. That's why people don't vote - distrust and hopelessness.

Village Green said...


I am so with you on the solar energy. I drive down Kenmore Blvd and picture a shop with solar panels on display to purchase and have installed. There are so many empty store fronts on the Blvd. They could be full of goods that are healthy, made out of sustainable resources and a process for recycling when the product's usefullness is over.