Thursday, July 31, 2008

What bloody dog is this?

What bloody dog is this with ear bandaged? Who could have done such a deed? Was it Lady Macbeth? No, it was Ophelia, gone mad!

I took one look at her guilty face and knew she must have come too near Oberon's dinner bowl. He objected. She slashed the inside tip of his ear. Who would have thought the old dog to have had so much blood in him?

And so it was off to the Animal ER, as I pondered why I hadn't named this dog Macbeth instead of Oberon. It was a matter of his fey eyes and majestic stance. Perhaps I should be asking myself why did I name the cat Ophelia instead of Lady Macbeth.

This particular cat and dog have lived together in harmony since last December. Prior to that, Oberon has lived with other cats without any sort of strife. He's getting on in years now, and the arthritis makes him grumpy. He is home now, with plenty of pain medicine and an antibiotic to take, his ear wrapped up and looking sad.

Ophelia resorts to cute poses in an attempt to make up for her costly attack. $175 -- ouch! And yet, the woman standing in line ahead of me at the Animal ER calmly paid a bill for $750.

Ophelia's eyes are actually both yellow. Oberon has one white eye and one brown eye. They have made peace with each other, it would seem. Or is Oberon plotting revenge? We hope not, having spent a good deal of time cleaning up the blood spatters. Yet here's a spot....

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