Friday, July 25, 2008

Farmers' Markets

The Lock 3 Farmers' Market finally gets going this Saturday. Evidently they got started late this season because of so many weekend events at Lock 3. Out of frustration, I finally went over to Stan Hywet to check out their market on Thursdays from 4 - 7. Very pricey. For example, three small tomatoes for $3.50 -- ouch! The tomatoes in my garden are no where near ripe yet, so I guess that's why I have to pay more.

I realize that a lot of the vendors are from the Cuyahoga Valley conservancy group and are selling heritage veggies,organic and other specialty items. The organic cheese man was there, but alas -- I'm no longer eating dairy products. However, I did pick up some bread from Great Lakes Baking Company, based in Hudson.

Looking forward to seeing who is back at Lock 3 this year and if the prices are better than Stan Hywet's market. Lock 3 is sponsored by the city, and I'm glad they have continued on with it. However, what would really serve the city best would be farmers' markets rotated throughout the neighborhoods. Say, North Hill on Mondays, Ellet on Tuesdays, Kenmore on Wednesdays and so on. Take the fresh produce to the people who normally don't have a chance to get to them, like senior citizens and people who rely on public transportation to get to grocery stores.

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