Monday, July 21, 2008

Barack Tour

Well I'm impressed! Mr. Obama is looking mighty fine in every photo op we've seen so far. Andrea Mitchell did her best to downplay the footage with Obama and the troupes, insisting that since no journalists were allowed into the event, we can't know exactly how staged it really was.

I've looked at a lot of audiences in my time, and in my professional opinion -- those soldiers were not pretending to be thrilled to be in the same space as the Democratic candidate for president oh no, the excitement was genuine. Images of GW Bush meeting troupes and foreign leaders over the past 7 and a half years immediately came to mind in order to compare the performance styles. While Bush goes for the good ol' boy from Texas, he nevertheless delivers from a posture of swaggering superiority. With Obama, there is a warmth that radiates and lights up those around him.

I am imagining this will be the same with the various leaders Obama will be meeting during his Barack Tour. WE know that GW has done precious little listening to other people during his regime. In order to solve conflicts, the parties must be willing to listen to each other, and even look at problems from the other's point of view.

No, I haven't turned into an Obamamaniac, but I do see the potential for his "Change" mantra, if he continues to be direct and open in the way he approaches people. He can be the antidote we need to heal foreign and domestic relations, if we can just keep Bush junior busily occupied with Olympic team photo ops from now until Inauguration Day.

Is there some other guy running for president this year? He has completely slipped out of my mind today!


Village Green said...

I did mean to type "troops" rather than "troupes" -- unfortunately, the theatrical version took hold of my fingers!

KevinBBG said...

I was just about to make comment on that, like the fact that it gives me images of soldiers in camouflage with guns and boots doing a dance routine.

I too have to admit that Obama looked good on this tour and the "troops" enthusiasm was real. He is pretty impressive, it's just a matter of how much of a reformer he wants to be and how much of a politician.

microdot said...

At the end of the day, the biggest problem Barack Obama has to face to be elected in America is racism.
It doesn't matter who John McCain is or who he isn' too many people he's the white guy and too many people who think themselves as being sane and rational can easily say, "I'm not racially prejudiced, but...."
Maybe Obama's candidacy will have some cathartic shock value to help snap America out of it's imbedded abused child syndrome of racist behavior.
If he is elected, it will be because he is running the most intelligently organized campaign America has ever seen.