Sunday, July 27, 2008

Greenprint for Akron suggestions

Rather than trying to lease our public utilities, the Village Green much prefers that our city officials put more energy into bringing their "Greenprint for Akron" into being. As I cycle down Kenmore Blvd, I imagine all the great new green services and businesses that could be filling the empty storefronts.

How about a shop selling healthy, sustainable counter tops instead of the trendy expensive radioactive granite variety?

And instead of toxic vinyl window replacements, I'd love to find a local construction business ready, willing and able to install these really cool solar window panels.

It would be nice to have an insurance company offering green car insurance for customers who practice sustainable driving habits.

Our city recently lost a hotel. How about a nice new green one? Certification requirements can be found here.

Any local green event planners available here in Akron? If so, they could find some helpful resources here.

And here's a brilliant idea -- install year-round greenhouses on top of grocery stores. I sure would like to see rooftops like these on every local Acme and Giant Eagle.

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