Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ten million solar roof tops

I was happy to read that Senator Sanders of Vermont is sponsoring a bill called the Ten Million Solar Roof Tops Act of 2008. IF passed, this act will provide government incentives for that will cover half of the cost for businesses and homes that choose to install solar panels. Sanders is quoted as saying:

"We can reverse greenhouse gas emissions. We can break our dependence on foreign oil. Transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels can be a tremendous boom for the United States economy and create millions of good-paying jobs. This is a win, win, win situation."
Yes indeed, it could be a winning scenario -- except that the idiotic Bush regime just brought all solar projects to a halt, imposing a two year moratorium so they can do more planning. What? These people can't plan and carry out projects at the same time?

Meanwhile, a report card on how the G-8 countries are meeting their goals to reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change reveals that the U$ is in last place. Great Britain has done the most to reduce carbon emissions, followed closely by France and Germany -- however, "none of the countries are making improvements large enough to prevent temperature increases that scientists think would cause catastrophic climate changes." According to the article the UK, France and Germany are only half way along the road to achieving a standard that will actually reduce emissions and put a halt to increasing temperatures.

This is scary stuff. I have to wonder about the wisdom of solar moratoriums in the face of overwhelming evidence that we need to be putting huge focused and united efforts into making radical changes in the way we produce and consume energy.

Ten million solar roof tops is a good start -- but we need many more millions than that to have an effect on global warming. Meanwhile, I hope my rooftop can be one of the first ten million.

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