Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bike Summit County With Greg Bachman

Today was the first of 8 opportunities to bike around the county with Summit County Engineer Greg Bachman. He will be inspecting roads -- township by township -- and riding at a "fast recreational pace of 15 - 18 miles per hour. Take part in an opportunity to discuss issues and share ideas with Greg while exercising and enjoying a close-up view of Summit County's scenic beauty." The ride is free and no need to sign up -- but you have to wear a bike helmet.

Although I didn't go on the ride today, I had the opportunity to hear Bachman speak at the last E4S Akron meeting, and I must say I was very impressed with his commitment to greening our county. Here's somebody who is action-oriented. He explained how traffic roundabouts help reduce carbon emissions as well as giving us a safer way to deal with traffic flow and has plans to put in many more roundabouts. If you haven't tried one, you should visit the intersection of Hametown Rd with Ridgewood or if that is impossible, here's a link to a live roundabout cam that shows you how it works in real time.

So if you'd like to inspect the roadways on bike and chat about roundabouts with Greg Bachman, check the schedule below. The bicycle rides start at 8 AM on the designated Saturdays. Bike routes will be posted on the County Engineer's web site.

    July 12, 2008

    31.8 miles

    July 19, 2008

    35 miles

    July 26, 2008

    25 miles

    August 2, 2008

    25 miles

    August 16, 2008

    25 miles

    August 23, 2008
    Boston Twp. Hall, 1775 Main St. (SR 303)

    30 miles

    September 6, 2008

    40 miles

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