Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not much more Living With War?

I took the day away from the 'puter. Real life activities beckoned! When I finally got online this evening, I was thrilled to read the news that Maliki has publicly endorsed Obama's 16 month plan for troupe removal from Iraq. This leaves McCain's campaign sputtering on about "the Surge" succeeding. Does he honestly think that we will forget the fact that the Iraq war was a mistake? The US lead invasion almost immediately turned into an occupation that brought about ever-increasing violence.

I'm not jumping on the Hey let's leave Iraq so we can send more battalions into Afghanistan. I'm hoping that this is Obama electioneering. In my politics of hope, I'm imagining that Obamba's election actually leads to a focus on peaceful rebuilding in the region along with United Nations oversight. Although I am really excited about finally being able to remove my No Iraq War window sticker from my truck, I really don't want to have to replace it with US Out of Afghanistan.

So in honor of today's momentous news, here's Neil Young reminding us that Living With War is no longer acceptable. As the old sign said, It's not healthy for children and other human beings, and I would add -- does nothing to decrease the planet's carbon and other toxic emission load.

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