Monday, July 07, 2008

Green Burials for Ohioans

A must read article in today's ABJ by Bob Downing on a new nature preserve/cometary that will be opening in Sugar Creek -- check it out here. This is the kind of news that brings me hope that Ohioans are getting the message about our impact upon the environment. Bravo to the folks who are starting this preserve -- it sounds absolutely lovely.

For more about green burials, check out this post from a year or so ago. As one who recently went through a death of a family member, I can add that you might try to do the right thing, but the unforeseen shows up at the most inappropriate times. In this case, a cremation was decided upon, thus avoiding the toxic chemicals and the waste of resources that go into caskets. When I went to the funeral home to pick up the cremated remains, they were given to me in a large plastic container. Naturally, I was in no mood to object. I guess I was expecting a cardboard box, which would have been something much more environmentally friendly to put in the ground.

Personally, I really don't care much where my corpse ends up as long as it is not on display or a source of great expense to those who live on. This new preserve might be just the solution to avoid ending up in a plastic box for all eternity! Coffins are now offered made of bamboo and hemp as pictured above. Or you could consider being turned into mulch -- I kid you not! Read about it here.

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