Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Day Three

One more picture from the Great Snow of 2007.

Another school day off. We have used up all our snow days! I miss my students and feel very out of sync with all upcoming deadlines.

More digging out today after the snow plow made it up our hill, but nothing too difficult. I revved up the vehicle and drove for the first time since Tuesday morning. The roads had been plowed but lots of snow was still apparent on the streets and sidewalks.

I made it to the Kenmore Acme and picked up some soy milk, tofu and vegetables. Looks like the drive to school tomorrow will be fine. Yes, the kids are out of school tomorrow, but the teachers will report for their mandatory In-Service Day.

Meanwhile like an absurdist drama, the Iraq debate continues in the House. The citizens figured it out by last November, yet the politicians are still trying to figure out "the safest" way to vote on the non-binding resolution.


sab said...

I love the snow because it's the only time my neighborhood feels like a community. We all go out and shovel, and talk to each other and help each other. We push each others cars. W help shovel driveways and sidewalks. We give each other rides. The dogs get to get out and socialize with each other without worrying about being hit by cars.

Village Green said...

I know what you mean. I like the way the snow storm brings everything to a halt and nothing is more important than staying warm and safe. The digging out becomes a community event.