Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cap out, begging

The Mayor made his case for a tax increase to the city council. He has turned mayoring Akron into a career. City Council are all Democrats. Only one voted against putting the tax increase on the ballot. Akronites live in a Democratic stronghold, or perhaps stranglehold. Certainly we are feeling the squeeze. The new tax is for more cops and to attract business, with some money for infrastructure fixing and Community Learning Center funds as well. I wonder how much programming 1 million per year will bring our citizens at the CLCs?

I'm hearing that the Akron Civic Theatre (pictured here at Canal level) is bankrupt again. Who's bright idea was it have the same guy book both the Civic and EJ Thomas? All the best stuff went to EJ and the Civic got dance recitals, wedding receptions with the occasional Wurlitzer organ concert. There hasn't been anything at the Civic that I've wanted to see since I don't know when.

Meanwhile, I've heard nothing on the Highland Movie Theatre situation since attending that community meeting. Are we watching the death throes of art and culture here in Akron?

If you feel like wallowing in more Ohio gloom, read Pho's account of how the new Bush budget will make matters even worse. When you look at the list of cuts, you'll immediately notice that women and children are the big losers. Kids lose out in every way -- less money for education, Headstart, children's health care and having a warm house during the winter season.

Sure hope my union negotiates enough of a raise to cover the tax increases.

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