Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Atheists poll at the bottom -- we are the scum of the earth

A new Gallup poll indicates the present levels of prejudice in our society toward various groups of people. The polls ask simply, would you vote for a woman, black person and so on. Here are the results:

Black 94%
Jewish 92%
A woman 88%
Hispanic 87%
Mormon 72%
Married for third time 67%
72 years of age 57%
A homosexual 55%
An atheist 45%

I'd like to thank 55% of American society for your complete and utter disdain.

Granted the entire premise is so very silly. Why should anyone not be considered simply because they reside in any of the above categories?

It's also chilling that 12% of the populace are pro-patriarchy.

On the other hand, the 94% who would vote for a Black show us that social progress is moving us forward with decreasing numbers of troglodytes screaming in protest. Even homosexuals now have majority support as possible presidential candidates. It all looks good unless you are looking through the eyes of the atheist. We still must bear the scorn, the condemnations to hell, the cold steady chill from those who don't care to associate with the devil's spawn.

I wouldn't really care about what people think, except -- in this case, it means that I am excluded from participating in the political process as a candidate. How much money do you think an openly atheistic candidate would raise? And most likely, candidates that I do support aren't going to be overjoyed if I show up at an event wearing a button that says "Atheist for So and So." I really thought about making one last summer that said "Atheist for Sherrod Brown." But I wanted him to win, so I didn't.


microdot said...

I really think that there are many more atheists in America, but they are quiet and keep it to themselves for the reason in your post.
I also think that a lot of the shrillness of religious rhetoric is there to fill the void of doubt.
When I speak of religion to my sister in Ohio, she starts crying...almost anything makes her cry, but she can't stand the thought of me not being saved, so we don't speak of it anymore.
I am proud of my beliefs...or lack of...it's taken a life time to really sort it out, but I can thank a nun in Detroit back when I was 11 who literally beat religion out of me and made me think for the first time what was this crap?
A recent poll here in France has 78% of the population as totally unreligious. Being Catholic is a custom, most men go to church for a wedding or a funeral.
If all goes well, we are going to have an atheist unmarried mother of five as our next president.
The only politicians in France who talk about religion are the real nut cases...including Frances Bayrou who claims the Virgin appeared to him when he was 12 and told him he was going to be president one day!
I have a piece about Segolenes great performance this week posted and a spring project for everyone!

Village Green said...

It is becoming more and more clear why you are living in France and not Ohio!

I'm going to be rooting for Segolenes now. When I have a chance I'm goint to see if I can find her on YouTube.