Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Senate on C-Span

It's more fun than college football and just as elegant as an international skating competition! Whiling away the snowed in hours with the Senate voting whether to debate the Iraq resolution. 7 Republicans joined in the ayes, 56 - 34. The rest of them, including our own Republican coward, Voinovich, chose to vote for their party ideology rather than upon what their constituents wish. May they go down to overwhelming defeat next time they go before their state's voters.

All Democrats voted yes, excepting Johson of SD still recovering in the hospital

9 chickens did not show up to vote.

Bennet Bond Corker, Corcoran, Ensign, Hatch, Kyl, McCain, Murkowski

Smith, Hegel, Coleman, Snowe, Warner Hecter, Collins -- we salute your courage.

The Dems say they will keep up an onslaught of bills and resolutions until Bush finally caves, which might be never or until he is dragged off in a straight jacket.

At the beginning of this unusual Saturday session, a chaplain stood up for a senate prayer. Naturally, I find this annoying not to mention offensive. The chaplain (also a military reserve officer) gave a little homily on love and duty in these times of "challenges that demand greater than human wisdom."

We'll be waiting forever if this is indeed the case, that the problems we face today are beyond human wisdom to solve. We can either stand at our telescopes scanning the skies for alien intelligences or decide that human problems must be solved by human wisdom and set off down the path to do just that.

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