Saturday, February 03, 2007

Connie Schultz -- back and better than ever!

If you didn't have a reason to read the Cleveland Plain Dealer online, click here and bookmark for regular reading. Connie Schultz has returned from her self-imposed hiatus, after working on her husband Sherrod Brown's amazing campaign for US Senate. While we are waiting for the book she is writing about her adventures on the campaign trail, we can now enjoy her twice-a-week columns once more.

The most recent column speaks to the hypocrisy of Cleveland attempting to attract tourist dollars from the GLBT community:

"...when I heard that the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland wants to target gays and lesbians -- this time "target" being a good thing -- I was skeptical. What's the motto going to be: "It's a Nice Place to Visit But You Wouldn't Want to Live Here"?

You could fill a medium-size town with the number of gays and lesbians who left Ohio after 2004. I've met at least half of them in Manhattan alone, and I don't think we can count on them anytime soon to spread the good cheer."

You can read the rest of this column here.

With the untimely death of Molly Ivans this week, it is reassuring to know that another woman of vision and purpose is back on the scene to point to the injustices in our world and ask us why we continue to allow them to tarnish our society.

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