Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Mashup

Bits and pieces of things I've been meaning to comment upon:

Countywide Landfill in Stark Co, home to half of our county's trash, ran "afoul" of the Ohio EPA, who recommended that the landfill's operating license not be newed until the company deals with what is going on under the layers of smoldering metals and plastics. The latest details from Bob Downing at the ABJ are here. Whether the recommendation will be carried out or not is yet to be seen. Truth is, the solid waste management business has a lot of power over us. We make too much trash which would pile up around us very quickly if the landfill is suddenly closed.

Speaking of recycle and reuse -- there is a meeting of the Save the Highland Theatre group tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 27 at 7 pm in the basement of Grace United Church, W Exchange and Portage Path. More details at the Highland Square Neighborhood Association web site.

Hair at Kent State University. Unfortunately, the last performance was Sunday, so all I can really say is -- too bad you missed it! It was a time trip back to those trippy days of yore. And of course, The War. Seems like there is always a war that involves sacrificing young men (and now in the latest one, young women as well) by sending them across the planet to kill or be killed. The Powers-That-Be certainly learned their lesson from Nam. In this war, they made sure not to have a draft. Drafts only rile people up. No, the current war operates on constant recycling of career soldiers, siphoning of national guards away from their more benign duties stateside, and paid mercenaries. Well we are almost at Three Five Zero Zero once again.

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Philip Grant's Daughter said...

See my blog of March 10 referring to Village Green's comments on women at war in "Monday Mashup" entry