Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Snow Day in NE Ohio

I woke today as usual to the sound of 1350 AM's Bill Press show, staying warm under the quilts until the local news and weather break. Not a peep about school closings, and the weather report was not delivered in tones of Major Winter Storm Ahead. So I got up, dressed, let the dog out and in, poured the coffee and headed out to my vehicle.

The roads were drivable, but when I got to Margaret Park Elementary school, there was not a child, car or crossing guard to be seen. Uh oh. I drove on past toward my school, just in case Margaret Park was having a heating breakdown or something. Nobody was there either, so I turned around and headed home, much to the delight of the resident dog and cat.

I did fire off an email to Radio Free Ohio, urging them to at least report that schools in the area were closing and for listeners to check with their local district for further information. I don't want to set my radio alarm to WAKR, fer cyin' out loud!

I am not happy to be home today, as the more time off from school, the harder it is to get the kids back on track. However, I'll make the best of it. Switching on the TV to C-span and I see that the House is starting to debate their resolution to oppose the troop build up in Iraq. I wonder how many snow-bound citizens will stumble upon this on-going reality show? Everybody gets their five minutes to speak to the problem at hand. The people's house of government is not going to run away from this disaster that is Bush's war in Iraq.

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