Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tilting With Windmills

I received two very nice emails in the past two days. One from the county Sherrod Brown volunteer coordinator, thanking us all for our work over the past few months, a road that lead from parades to events to phoning and canvassing.

My first event was Sherrod and Harry Reid at the Cleveland Science Center in front of a giant windmill. I had just been reading a book about global warming and climate change (The Weathermakers by Tim Flannery) and was interested in finding out if this politician had any good ideas what to about sustainability and renewable sources of clean energy. It was early summer and the gas prices were sky high. At this time, I only knew him as my congress-person and I certainly wasn't thinking about actively campaigning for him when I drove up to Cleveland. On the drive home, I started to think about actively supporting him in his seemingly quixotic effort to unseat Mike DeWine.

I really liked the look of that windmill. NEOhio is pretty darn windy, especially along the coast of Lake Erie and on down over the glacier-formed cliff and highlands of Summit County. Sherrod said at that event that he wanted to become a Senator and work toward Ohio becoming the Silicon valley of alternative energy sources.

Fast forward to his election night speech.

Sherrod Brown renewed that pledge along with several others very worth mentioning here.

Fix The No Child Left Behind Act and make (college) tuition affordable for middle class families

Promote embryonic stem cell research

Raise the minimum wage

Affordable health care for all Americans

Against job-killing trade agreements that betray our values and destroy our communities

End the War in Iraq

He's got an ambitious To Do list. It is a list that I can support and will be watching to see if there are enough politicians who also are starting to get it. We want them to work with us and for us, instead of using us to enhance their own personal wealth.

Check out the entire speech -- it rings true to me.

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Village Green said...

Two Days Later, and I see that I began the post talking about two thank you emails, but went on to identify only one of them. The second was from Sherrod Brown via his campaign organization. And here it is:

Dear Wendy,

Connie and I would like to thank you for all your hard work and support. With your help, we did what many people thought was impossible.

Thank You! We proved a progressive campaign that fights for the middle-class can win in Ohio

I will never forget your efforts as I begin my service in the U.S. Senate. You will continue to inspire me as I work for real change for Ohio families.

I've said my initial priorities in the U.S. Senate are to raise the national minimum wage, give the government authority to negotiate for lower drug prices for America's seniors, and secure a winning exit strategy for Iraq.

I will work with members of both parties to make those goals a reality. Now is the time for progress, not partisanship.

In the coming months and years, I am counting on you to stay involved and continue our fight for social and economic justice.

This week's victory is just the first stop on the road to change.


Sherrod Brown