Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kenmore, the 2nd tier place to vote

Just finished shift #2 of Poll Greeting. It went by much more quickly than the first shift. I attribute this to wearing more layers of clothing and waterproof boots. At left, you can see the entrance to the Kenmore polling place.

Yes, the rain keeps falling but not in sheets. The voters weren't exactly streaming in, but came steadily like the on-going drizzle. I haven't handed out any literature. People have stopped to chat and said they will be so glad when this particular election is over. Too much negativity by phone, by mail box, by radio and television commercials. The last thing the voters want is another piece of campaign literature. I figure it could only be useful if somebody asked me for information about a judge or an issue. But so far, everybody is looking self-sufficient and knowledgable about the candidates.

My favorite part of this job is the opportunity to people-watch. Most Kenmorites look as sad and gloomy as today's weather, decked out in run-down shoes and working folk clothing. The Democrats wave at me as they drive in to park. The Republicans avoid eye contact. A couple of Independents have stopped to chat.

I cannot bring myself to talk about the school levy. I stuck an Issue 6 sign in the ground near my post, but my sense is that most people do not want to hear about the levy. One woman did say she couldn't understand why people refuse to vote to fund the schools. In Kenmore, it has got to be an economic issue more than anything else. People are poor here -- that is my main observation from poll greeting in Kenmore. Senior citizens leave the Center clutching oranges, part of their senior lunch. Not great big juicy navel oranges either, but rather small, thin-skinned and greenish looking. Nevertheless, the oranges are going home and not being tossed into the trash.

When I started the day at Democrat Headquarters in Akron, I asked for Kenmore. They said it was a second tier assignment. I didn't ask why, but I intend to find out. It is definitely second or maybe even last tier in terms of attention given to it by the city.

One woman had voted earlier in Medina and said that the polls were hopping, long lines and lots of enthusiasm. I didn't ask which part of Medina. My inside sources tell me that voting is going strong in Granger Township and that people in line have very serious looks on their faces. What that means will be made clearer after 7 PM tonight.

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