Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Out of Iraq

Somebody, please -- get the US forces out of Iraq. The major media have decided to call it a civil war today. Civil war is never civil. It's a bloody disaster whatever you call it.

Bush apears to be delusional with his insistance the violence in Iraq is spurred by Al Qaeda . He's starting to feel the pressure. A federal judge says he does not have the right to designate who is a terrorist because his executive order is too vague. We need a whole lot of people stepping up all at once, surrounding the mad emperor and telling him NO. You can't torture, you can't spy, you can't wage war whenever you choose.


microdot said...

Impeachment is going to be a grass roots movement. It has already begun like a ripple on a pond, but it has to become a tsunami! Make no mistake, the mad emperor has no intention of getting out of Iraq, they have too much invested in infrastructure already to walk away. They have not the guts, imagination or will to change. As long as these guys are in power, we will be lost in a Sandstorm of Greed!
Talk impeachment, think impeachment, wishing it so can make it happen!

KevinBBG said...

I don't think we should aim for impeachment, I think we need investigations. As the results of all these investigations become known the need for impeachment will become obvious to everyone.