Monday, November 06, 2006

An Ohio Election Eve

At left, a few final flowers from the garden before the killing frost hit. Some cheery color for this election night eve! I'm not down at headquarters making phone calls, but I wore my Sherrod Brown button everywhere I went and talked to voters as I ran a long list of errands. At the pharmacy where I stopped for a flu shot, a senior citizen told me that she is voting for the school levy, but is worried that too many are opposed.

Driving out through enemy territory (Bath) I was pleased to see more Sherrod Brown signs than Mike DeWine signs. The Republicans make up for quantity with maximum square footage, however. Those enormous Blackwell/Raga mini-billboards are scary-looking. Who wants egos the size of those signs running our state government? Hopefully, not the marjority of Ohioans this election cycle.

At the Beacon Online, only one news story was given the comments feature. The story was about an elderly Republican woman from the falls who has worked at the polls for decades. The usual suspects took over the comment section. Since The Centrist departed the boards, the personal vehemence has decreased while the silliness goes on in several forms. Some people need to reinvigorate their material. People grow weary of the fellow who inserts Charlie Fry's name into every current event topic. Then there's the wit who -- no matter the subject -- exhorts us to do it for the children:

"as school levies go, less is apparently more."

And less is THANKFULLY more.

My god the children! Think of the children. Let me tug that one last heart string and remind yuo to think of the children!!!


This person has used this joke so many times that s/he doesn't even care if the topic matches the joke. In this case -- talking about a school levy -- yes, one should be thinking about the children. If adults don't think about how the current generation of children should be educated then who will?

Time to get some other work done so I will be free to help the Summit Progressive Democrats in Akron tomorrow. I signed up for three shifts as a poll greeter. I'm thinking that means waving signs and having stuff available to hand out. I will be coming home to blog about my experiences between shifts. See you at the polls!

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