Monday, November 27, 2006

My Autum Almanac

Here's a sing a long to go with some images of autumn from Kenmore:

Lovely weather here in Akron over the four days off from work and stress. I did some clean up in my yard. Here's my compost box, all loaded up for the winter, yet room for the weekly coffee grounds and vegetable matter. I set up a plastic bucket off my kitchen where I can toss the compostable items, then carry it out to the compost box a couple of times per week. This box is at least ten years old and was made by Rubbermaid. Very sturdy. I doubt stir it or do anything other than toss stuff in it. Every spring I get a wheelbarrow full of good stuff to mix in with my plantings.

The garden goddess here is not for worship, but to add a little interest to the wooden fence. I like the contrast of weathering clay against the wood, with the feathery annual forming living tresses. This plant has made it through a number of frosty nights already.

I found a hyacinth bulb in a pot from last spring. I'd never stuck it in the ground. It was left loose in its plastic pot and now it is pushing up and forming leaves. So I brought it inside and put it in a nice clay pot to bloom before January, I'm betting.

Here's a glimpse of the blimp seemingly tangled in the maple tree's bare branches.

While I spent the day in the yard, the geese gathered on Summit Lake. They haven't left for the winter in several years. A sign of global warming?


microdot said...

That was a lot of fun, looking at your backyard and listening to The Kinks! Here in France, we are officially experiencing the warmest autumn on record! Meteo France released the stats today. I have roses still blooming, zinnias, flowering sage, winter jasmine, shrubs....It's worrisome because trees in some areas are befinning to develop flower buds and when it does get cold, that will mean no fruit on a lot of trees.
Time for winter food though! Soups and tartiflette (my favorite).

Village Green said...

Yeah, I just put a bunch of vegetables in my crock pot. Winter is coming hard upon us. We are going from 60s here to heavy snow by Friday. Will it be the first snow day of the school year? We didn't have a single snow day last year.