Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night at the Village Green

The turnout at my precinct in Kenmore pleased Steve, the school levy coordinator for this ward. It was approaching 600 by the time I left at 5:20. A big turnout will be good for the Democrats and good for the levy.

Standing outside in the cold rain for 3 two hour shifts was not so bad! I learned a lot about my fellow citizens in this ward. Steve shared some insights and history of Kenmore.

Now that I'm home and looking at what I need to have ready for work tomorrow, I've already decided to pass on all the election parties. I did want to go to Sherrod's in Cleveland, but duty is calling loud and winning over the need to celebrate. There will be more parties in the future. I will continue to blog about Kenmore and investigate how the political process works at the grassroots level.

Happy Election Night to All (Democrats!)


KevinBBG said...

Democrats carried the day!

Village Green said...

And the senate the next day -- wooo woo!

And how about that Socialist elected to the senate in Vermont?!

KevinBBG said...

I hadn't heard about that, most unusual. But now the senate and the house belong to the dems.

But Bush now has a list that he has given to congress on things to accomplish before then end of their terms.

Village Green said...

Condi says "Iraq has to be successful for America to be secure." So they toss Rummy overboard as a distraction, while Condi clues us in that Bush has no intention of changing his course:

"'But while "the American people clearly were voting for change, as the president said,' they 'were not voting for anything less than a success in Iraq.'"