Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Here's a non-religious message in celebration of the day. Eat vegetarian, live a sustainable lifestyle and try to keep peace with each other.

Giving thanks to Ray Davies and all other muses!

Sing along with this:


microdot said...

Very nice to find your blog, I saw your comment on politicsinmudville and checked it out the link.
I've been a manic Kinks fan since I first heard them in 1965 (64)? I saw them when they toured in 69 with the piece Arthur, or The Rise and Fall of the British Empire at the Grande Riviera in Detroit.
I'm not a vegetarian, but I am firmly commited to environmental action and sustainable passive energy ideas.
I now live in and blog from rural France, but a large partof my head is still in Ohio and the Midwest!
I will come back often...If you wantt to give me a link from your page, let me know and I will give you a link from mine!

Chris said...

Yes indeed, nice blog....

Village Green said...

Hey Microdot! Thanks for the Kinks memories. My first Kinks concert was at the Akron Civic Theatre in 1975 for the Soap Opera tour. I had the good luck to be able to watch their dress rehearsal in the afternoon. I love their rock theatre pieces and one day hope to direct a performance of Preservation.

There are many days I will envy you your ex-patriot status. Will be checking out your blog (The Brain Police) regularly.