Thursday, February 07, 2008

Working Man's Cafe DVD preview

I'm off to Cincinnati for another Critical Links in theatre education weekend. So I leave you with this nifty promo preview of the bonus DVD on the new US release of Ray Davies album, Working Man's Cafe:

Order here.

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Valérie said...

Hello Village Green,

I am sorry to interrupt you, I have been crusing hundreds of blogs tonithg because I am looking for a very nice person who calls himself Romeo.

And I looked at the blogs of the people who participate in the blog I see everyday, and there is Microdot's blog whom is such a great guy. And from there I went to a muslim one, I forget the name already, he is Egyptian and I also saw his blog when I was looking on Google for muslim blogs.

Not that I think Romeo has a blog but you never know. The I came across your one because of this not very nice woman called Barb who rubbished muslime religion so much in the blog I visit, and for months that Romeo got very angry and left.

So... again I am sorry to intrude here, but if you hear of Romeo, please tell me. I am not daring giving my email address but you can leave a message for me where I visit every day or you can email the owner of the blog here . He won't mind passing on the message.

Au revoir and merci d'avance.