Monday, February 11, 2008

No school today

The ride back from Cincinnati yesterday was brutally cold. Cincinnati felt like Cleveland with sharp biting winds that only grew more ferocious as I headed north. Getting out of my truck at rest stops and gas stations prompted me to dash full tilt from one warm space to the other, as the wind howled and lashed its cold icy fingers around me. I was glad there was no major snow storm to go along with it as I made my way back to Akron. The further north I got, the less effect my 14 year old truck's heater had on the inside of the cab -- only my feet stayed warm!

Today, no school and a snow storm is promised for the overnight hours and on through Tuesday day, which may mean another day off school. I may be the only teacher in Akron who hates no school due to weather days -- it means missing rehearsals, which is never a good thing. Ah well, no use fretting about it! Time to focus on other things that need doing and know that we will be playing "catch-up" when school is finally back in session.

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