Saturday, February 16, 2008

Catching up with Tags -- Part 1

From Ohdave at Into My Own, comes this one.

I. You have to look up page 123 in the nearest book around you.
II. Look for the fifth sentence.
III. Then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123.
IV. And then tag five people, just like you were tagged.

I think I've done this one before, but that's OK -- digging into books is always a good thing. The question is, which book is closest at hand. There are dozens within arm's reach. So I will choose to go with the one I'm actually reading at the moment, as a participant in Crunchy Chicken's Book Club: Affluenza, The All Consuming Epidemic by Wann, de Graff, and Naylor published in 2001 as a follow up to the documentary of the same title.

The three sentences are:
Hence a simpler, stuff-free life was a requirement for survival. A genetic propensity toward hoarding would have been downright deadly. [Section break: Original Affluence] Life for hunter-gatherers was fraught with danger--from wild animals, accidents, disease, and an occasional enemy.
One of the main themes of this book is that human societies can choose between leisure or accumulating stuff. The more stuff we want, the harder we must work to obtain it. In the Stone Age, humans "were able to provide for their basic needs on as little as three or four hours of work a day," according to the authors.

Anyway, I'm tagging the following blogs: The Accidental Akronite, I Will Shout Youngstown, Theatre Ideas, The Political Cat, and of course -- Crunchy Chicken.

Tomorrow I'll get to Beth's tag via Fake Plastic Fish.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Rats! I mean, thanks!

Scott Walters said...

I'll try to get to this soon!

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