Friday, February 29, 2008

Too much on my mind

Thanks to everybody who has left comments on the post about my dad's life and death. I really appreciate each and every comment and gain much comfort from them.

I will just have to ease myself back into blogging as time and emotions allow. Going back to school was hard, but I knew if I stayed out I'd just be sitting around stressing over falling behind in classes and rehearsals. I expect that blogging will prove to be the same sort of thing -- I'll get too restless the longer I don't post.

I wanted to go with a Friday night Kinks song, and looked on YouTube for one that seems so appropriate. The song is Scattered and the video is strange and works on multiple levels regarding death and life. It is not available for embedding, but you can see it here.

In the midst of all the darkness, I did receive an email notification that Ray Davies has three concerts scheduled for the US in April: San Francisco, Chicago and NYC -- and other dates are now popping up at Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site. Nothing in Ohio as of yet. Tour info can be found here.

And yes, dear readers, I did manage to purchase a ticket online to the NYC show at the Beacon Theatre. Look for me in Row O on April 8th, which just happens to be spring break. Spring -- now that's a warming thought for a mind that has been running on overload this week:

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Pho said...

Sorry I missed the post about your dad and sorry to hear of your loss.

Take care.