Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blog Roll Amnesty Day

I admit it -- I hadn't a clue as to what Blog Roll Amnesty Day is. My first thought was that it was a day to catch up on all the posts I had been meaning to write. Or maybe a day to tidy up the blog, which turns out to be closer to the real idea -- but not quite. Jon Swift explains how it began here.

Jill at Writes Like She Talks very kindly added me to her blog roll and listed Village Green as one of her six contributions to Blog Amnesty Day. I thank her hugely and continue to admire her astounding output and energy.

If the idea of Blog Roll Amnesty Day is to give some love to blogs smaller than one's own, then I'm not sure I want to embarrass anyone by pointing out that their readership has yet to reach the the not very astounding average of 59 visits per day. On the other hand, I do confess that it thrills me to see the monthly visits and page views climb ever upward.

Links do matter, as well as writing things that particular groups of people want to read. I love to look at visitor locations to see how many are from Akron. And then to note the regulars from places near and far, as well as visitors who come here for pictures of Huskador retrievers or news of Ray Davies and the Kinks. The themes here at the Village Green cannot be clustered under one convenient handle. This blog is not a "political" blog and it is not strictly "environmental" -- but it visits both themes often. By taking this opportunity to write about what is on my mind, I have come in contact with wonderful people also thinking about the same things, adding new insights to my own world views. Blogging! I love it!

So for Blog Amnesty Day, I am honoring the following blogs regardless of their actual Technorati rating compared to mine:

Cotswold Corner Diary: This is my mom's blog and I really owe her for getting me involved in blogging. She started first and that got me interested in doing the same.

Daily BBG is home to my Happy Hour Atheist & Agnostic email list friend Kevin. Kev and I go way back to the early days of AOL. He is a comic book colorist and a great guy. Blog more often, Kev!

Alisa and the Stuff Alisa Does is a blog by an actress with the American Shakespeare Center as she tours the country performing in venues big and small. This one arrives via my dad, who became a big fan when he saw her perform with the ASC at U of Akron's Wayne branch last fall. I didn't get out to those performances, but I did see Alisa in her last production at KSU -- Hair. (Fun show, that one!) Anyway, her blog is a very fun read of her life on the road.

(Speaking of theatre, I've added a whole new section of theatre blogs and links to my blog rolls, including my new blog Critical Links Theatre Journal, which is totally focused on theatre teaching process and research, and so might not be the most fascinating read for most Village Green regulars. Eventually, I may move most of my theatre-related posts there, but not until the research project is over.)


Edited to change the title and references to the correct term: Blog ROLL Amnesty Day. You can see how new it all is to me still!


Jill said...

That is so cool about your MOM! Wow. I love it. And I love your blog.

KevinBBG said...

Thanks for the plug, I never even heard of Blog Roll Amnesty Day. I certainly wish I could post every day, that was my intention at the beginning, but with everything that's happened my time is at a premium and my stress level enormous. If Darcy would just get well enough to do the shopping again that would free up a lot of time. And my new comic is 120 pages and I've only finished page 7!!

skippy said...

hey, thanks for participating!

Viola Black said...

Hey, Village Green!

As a fan of Cotswold Corner Diary, I say thanks a bunch for including it in your Blog Roll Amnesty Day list. It needs a shot of helium from time to time to help it float above the crowd.