Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday and I'm in a Stupor

I stayed up way too late last night working on an iMovie. Deadline. Had to get it done.

So I'm not going out to either of the Democratic presidential watch parties in the Akron area. Instead, I plan to watch from the couch in between snoozing and waking up to the challenge of untangling a marionette's strings that resemble a chaotic cat's cradle. This is what happens when the drama teacher misses a day from school -- the puppets run wild!

I have no predictions for the night, other than I will be switching from CNN to MSNBC shortly, but even that move won't keep me awake much longer. I'm rooting for a mixed result so that the March 4th primary here in Ohio will actually have some meaning in the whole unfolding of events.

CNN is now reporting that Rush Limbaugh has stated he'd rather vote for Hillary Clinton than John McCain. Following in Ann Coulter's slimy footsteps, he takes this tactic as a double whammy against both the hated so-called non-conservative McCain as well as providing gullible Dems with yet another reason to turn from Hillary. If Ms Coulter and Mr Limbaugh would vote for Hillary, then she must be Bush-lite -- right? I'm sure both Rush and Ann and their mindless followers would prefer going against Obama in the fall classic.

Arrghhh! I need respite from Too Many Talking Points From All Sides.

See you when it is all over.

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mud_rake said...

I'm quite enjoying the rift in the GOP these days. Perhaps Rush and Ann will stroke out and drool on themselves for the rest of their mangy lives.