Saturday, February 09, 2008

Taking the long drive to Cincinnati

It takes five hours, down 71 through Columbus to Cincinnati.

Once past Columbus, you know you are in a different sort of territory. A billboard announces "Hell is a real place!" Well yes, Hell is a real place and you can find it in Michigan. Unfortunately, I doubt the perpetrators of that billboard are not referring to anything other than a tired old myth.

Speaking of mythology and how primitive humans may have begun making up the idea of gods to utilize for various purposes, on the approach to Columbus, massive clouds gathered slightly above the horizon line, with the lowering sun poking rays through gaps in the clouds. Two holes lined up appeared to be eyes, while other gaps in the clouds allowed giant glowing rays to poke their way down to earth. "Looks like a cosmic being," I thought to myself. But instead of a crown of thorns, it had a beard of sun rays. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me, as it would have made a stunning photograph.

I did bring along my recently purchased Fanny box set (more details here) which provided much pleasure along the way, as I sang along to many old favorites: Long Road Home, Charity Ball, Rock Bottom Blues, Place in the Country, Special Care, Knock On My Door, a rousing version of Ain't That Peculiar and the sweet yet powerful Think of the Children, among the many stand-out tracks. Why these women aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is beyond me.

Today was spent in focusing our theatre education research and tonight some of us are going to see a double bill of existentialist theatre: No Exit and End Game performed by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. I hope to have the time and energy to blog about the shows later.

Meanwhile, have some Fanny:

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