Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin?

So how come the only female candidates we get are losers? Because I sure hope Palin helps sink the GOP ship this November. Even so, I still have to wonder how many cracks in the glass ceiling before we finally get a real break-through?

Palin sounds like my polar opposite (just check out the Vogue cover and it is made instantly clear) so I'm trying to figure out how McCain could possibly think she would attract women who voted for Hillary. Palin is anti-women's reproductive rights, doesn't believe in global warming, won't save polar bears, loves to shoot animals and eat them, is a former beauty queen, and looks like someone Tina Fey would have no problem playing on Saturday Night Live.

McCain tried to upstage Obama's brilliant speech from last night with this obvious pandering for ultra right votes while going after an aura daring forward thinking by putting up the first GOP VP candidate ever. However, the focus on McCain's choice of an inexperienced right wing zealot might get blown away by Hurricane Gustav come Monday, the first day of the GOP Convention. The talk will be all Gustav and Katrina and Republican inability to take care of this nation.

We hope the still suffering people of New Orleans are getting sufficient help to evacuate safely and in a timely manner. And that the repaired levees hold. And that no life is lost.


Anonymous said...

Funny, You criticize a GOVERNORS experience when your ultra-left leaning socialist candidate has five years less experience in public office. The national experience he HAS is 143 actual working days in the US Senate. Considering that he has held no committee hearings or meetings, I would say that he is a lame duck senator. He promises the moon but how does he expect to pay for it? Be rid of oil in 10 years? Every expert says that viable alternatives are 30-50 years away. And before you talk about bio-fuels and such alternatives, WHERE IS THE INFRASTRUCTURE? There are more scientists that say that global warming is a natural process, as is global cooling, which was predicted in the 1970's, than say otherwise. Meteorologists can't predict precipitation accurately, so how can they predict what the world will be like in 20 years. FOLLOW THE MONEY! Who has investments in the global warming industry? AL GORE! The polar bear population has actually been growing in the last 20-30 years. Is it OK to MURDER a baby from a botched abortion at 9 months. If the baby comes out breathing should you let it DIE? OBAMA THINKS SO!

Village Green said...

Hey there Anonymous --

If you are trying to convince me to support McCain/Palin over Obama/Biden, you are not doing a very good job of it.

First of all, Obama is not an ultra-left leaning socialist candidate so everything you say after that is highly suspect. Your agenda is showing, so to speak. FYI: Obama is quite the centrist.

You really need to do more in-depth research before continuing to embarrass yourself with your inability to accept overwhelming scientific evidence that we are in deep trouble here on planet earth. See ice core evidence of carbon increases that correlate directly to the advent of the industrial revolution. See also the melting glaciers.

lilly said...

she is amazing! Are you wearing your Sarah Palin T Shirt ? I AM!!

ACB said...

"(just check out the Vogue cover and it is made instantly clear) so I'm trying to figure out how McCain could possibly think she would attract women who voted for Hillary."

1/ No way is that a real Vogue cover.
2/ You're right, there's no way a woman like, say, one of Hillary's biggest fundraisers would ever endorse John McCain ... wait, what's this?

ACB said...

Forgot to cite this site:
It's a photoshop, for sure.

Village Green said...

I know it is a photochop -- click on the image and it will take you to the very cool Kodiak Island blog where it first appeared.

Anonymous said...

So, let me summarize what you believe: that it's okay for babies to be killed, polar bears are dying, eating animals is bad, and so is being in a beauty pageant.
I am a teen girl strongly against abortion - in every case. Let me tell you that there are only four differences between an unborn child and you and me: size, development, environment, and dependency. If an unborn child is less of a person because it's so small, doesn't that mean that I (being 4' 11") am less of a person than my dad (at 5' 5")? And does this mean that I'm less of a person (at 105 lbs) than the 300-lb man? And if an unborn child is less of a person because its not fully developed, doesn't this mean that a toddler is less of a person than me because it doesn't have everything yet? Boys and girls begin developing even more in the teen years. And, is the handicapped person less of a person because he is not all there? An unborn child is in the womb; you are outside of the womb. Does the place you are at make you less or more of a person because of where someone else is standing? Unborn children are also very dependent on their mothers. They need to be in her womb in order to survive for a certain period of time. A toddler is dependent upon his parents for food, shelter, love, clothing, protection, etc. Soon you are almost totally independent. But as you age more, you become dependent on others once again. Does being less independent make you less of a person?
I've also heard the argument that women can choose what to do with their body. From the moment a child is conceived, the baby has its own DNA. All its chromosomes are there. Isn't it a scientific fact that if something has human DNA it is, in fact, human? And this baby's DNA is not the same as its mother's - it has its own. So, how is it the mother, making it her decision?
Now that I've gotten that over with, you also mentioned global warming. Even scientists believe that this is the earth. It gets hot and cold, hot and cold, hot and cold. Are we going to keep freaking out every time the temperature rises or drops??? And did you know that when a volcano explodes, it releases more ozone gases than we will EVER with cars??? It is nature.
Polar bears! Yes, I care about animals, but the polar bear population has increased since the 70s?
Animals are for eating, okay. How do you think the meat from the grocery store is caught? A person hunting and shooting the animal. Animals are not people. While I am against violence against pets, I do believe that deer, chicken, cow, and such are food.
What's wrong with being in a beauty pageant? So what if Palin is beautiful??? What is the problem.
Now, let me inform you how qualified Governor Sarah Palin is. She is the governor of Alaska, one of the largest oil producers in our country that could solve our problem! She has great experience to be VP, unlike your Obama who claims his experience comes from being a community organizer and his campaign. What dumbo counts their campaigning as experience??? Did you know that Obama was a lawyer for ACORN, a company that is getting illegal immigrants and DEAD people to vote! And, they're making sure they vote Democrat! You know one of his statements as one of the hardest decisions he had to make? Voting against the Iraq War. Fact: when it was time to decide whether or not to go to war, he was in the Illinois Senate, meaning he did not get a vote.


Village Green said...

Congratulations, Messenger -- You've memorized your talking points better than Palin ever could. Maybe you should be running for VP. If you were I would still have to vote against you. But thanks for stopping by.